Sally’s Creative Quilting

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I am sorry I have had to put all of this into a business policy, but for everything stated in this document it is because a customer has either expected too much, has not fully understood the process or has not been polite and considerate.  I do this for a living because I enjoy helping families preserve memories. My goal is to work with you.

Please remember I am a human being who makes mistakes.  If I forget something you have either told me or texted to me,  I do not do it intentionally.  You may have told me several months earlier.  I always let you know when I am beginning your project so if there is something you want me to remember please remind me. I do not have time to re-read text messages, look for emails or try and remember phone conversations. 

Quilts can take longer than expected to create.  Stabilizing of clothing, cutting, design and even the quilts in line before yours may cause a scheduling delay.  Illness or family issues can take a toll on my creativity.  I am a one-person business but I believe in quality of family life.  Even though I work out of my home I have set work hours and adhere to them.  If I meet customers in the evening, I start my workday later.  If I work over the weekend, I will take days off during the week.  I am flexible but will not rush my work to get a deadline done.  When rushed, my work is not at its best.

With memory quilts, some clothing or items brought for the creation of the quilt may not be used.  If it does not launder well, shrinks or can be destroyed by being ironed or stabilized it will be set aside.  If your quilt has buttons, snaps rhinestones or any adornments that will cause a needle to break, the item will not be quilted on the Long Arm machine.  It will be tack stitched every 8 to 10 inches. 

When creating a memory quilt, I will take your items apart to cut the size blocks needed.  Sometimes addition material will be required. If I ask for more items and you are unable to provide them in a timely manner, I will create the quilt to the biggest size possible with the items provided.  All left over items will be returned when they measure over 5 inches in size.  If you do not want your items returned, please advise upon dropping off.  Any items that are requested to be returned are at the customer’s expense. The cost of the quilt includes shipping of the quilt only and not the shipping cost of any extra materials.

Items left over six months will either be donated or destroyed.  Unfortunately I do not have the space to store your quilts.  They need to be picked up and paid for in a timely manner.  Any quilts from out of the state of Wisconsin must be paid for in full before completion of long arming or memory quilt construction begins.

In order to hold a spot on my production schedule a 50 percent down payment must be made via Square invoice. If you change your mind and do not bring/ship your items a 25% fee will be charged on your entire invoice and your money refunded via square. No quilt goes on my calendar until I receive the down payment.  I am willing to set up payment plans.

Each item is a “by hand” creation and no two quilts, memory bears, or pillows are the same.  Please remember clothing stretches even when stabilized.  Slight imperfection may be seen in your quilt.  This is especially true when different materials are used to construct the quilt. They are not done intentionally – but can happen during construction or quilting.  Once a quilt is quilted it will not be taken apart.   I try very hard to fix any problems, but I always think of a quilt as an item of individual beauty and not all beauty is perfect.  This also applies to quilt restorations.

When any items are delivered it is the customer’s responsibility to take pictures of their items before dropping off or mailing.   If you require pictures, Sally’s Creative Quilting will charge $50 an hour for photographing and sending digital pictures of your items.  Minimum one hour charge.

I thank you for your understanding and trust in me to create a special item for you and your family.

Sally Sorensen.